Legendary Americana - Limited Edition

Legendary Americana - Limited Edition

 32,178 Comfy Customers!


🙌 Improved Posture

💪 Greater Comfort

🌟 More enjoyment of the things you love

❤️ Reduce chronic discomfort from injury or disability

💲Incredible Value! Our customers use their pillows on average 4 days/week. Over the course of 1 year that works out to just $0.42/day of use!

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Legendary Americana - Limited Edition

Legendary Americana - Limited Edition

Regular price $87.97
Regular price $87.97 Sale price $97.97
SAVE 10% Sold out

What is the difference between the pillows

The inner pillows are the same on all versions, so functionally there is no difference.

They all have removeable, machine washable covers and all covers are interchangeable.

The only differences lie in the quality of the fabrics and the colors and designs available.

The Rare Collection ($64.99) uses a material similar to a premium soft toy and comes in 5-6 standard colors.

The Legendary (Crafters, Gamers, Readers) Collection ($87.97) uses a higher quality suede or velvet like material and comes in two tone color designs, some with embroidery, all with piping and metal clips instead of plastic.

The Epic Collection uses the same fabrics as the Legendary but you can choose the colors for the top and bottom of the covers, the piping and also choose from a selection of embroideries.

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Experience next-level gaming comfort with the Legendary Valari, the world's foremost gaming pillow meticulously engineered to bolster your posture. Our carefully designed pillow minimizes the discomfort often associated with prolonged gaming, alleviating back, neck, and shoulder strain, and enriching your gameplay experience. Enjoy the top-tier, handcrafted quality of our pillow, furnished in plush, premium, suede-like materials that invite touch. The Legendary Valari pairs fashion and function, offering chic two-tone color combinations that elevate your gaming setup's aesthetics while delivering unparalleled comfort and support Customers who bought this also bought




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Comfort & Luxury Through Superior Materials

The pillow is ergonomically designed to provide support for wrists, arms, and elbows, reducing strain on shoulders and neck during gaming sessions.

Premium Seude Or Velvet Materials

Only the finest (vegan) hypoallergenic materials are used for our Legendary covers

High Quality Finishing

Stylish two tone colors, intricate embroidery, piping and brushed metal clips elevate the Legendary covers to the next level 

Robust Zip

High quality durable zips designed to be used time and time again

Colors & Designs To Fit Any Style

An ever increasing choice of colors, prints and embroidery designs

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    Promotes Better Posture

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    Reduces Neck, Back & Shoulder Discomfort

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    Allows You To Game For Longer

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    Prevents Gamer Lean

    What Makes Valari Different

    Find out why you should choose Valari instead of other products.

      Nursing/Regular Pillow

    Supports Elbows, Forearms & Wrists simultaneously

    One size fits all

    Removable & machine washable covers




    This Amazing Bundle Comes FREE With Every Legendary Pillow

     $20 Gift Card

    A $20 Gift Card Redeemable Within 90 Days of Purchase*

    The Secrets To Perfect Posture E-Book

    Elevate your comfort with Valari, designed to cradle you in plush support, helping you unwind and truly enjoy your downtime.

    Boba Cat Pattern Guide 

    We took one of our most popular cover embroidery designs (the Boba Cat) and worked with one of our awesome crochet creators to come up with a full pattern guide to make your very own Boba plushy,

    15 Minute Physiotherapy Consultation

    Get a free 15 minute consultation with our physiotherapy partners at 1HP. A private 1 on 1 Zoom call with a certified US based physiotherapist who specliases in seated ergonomics and support.


    100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

    or your Money back + 90 Day No Hassle returns

    We know you will love Valari, so much so that we are guaranteeing that for life. Our return rate is less than 0.1% with over 35,000 units sold.

    Rated 4.9/5 with over 32,124+ Happy Customers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do The Pillows Need To Be Assembled?

    The Assembly Of The Valari Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3! Take The Pillow Out Of The Vacuum Bag And Let It Sit For An Hour To Take Its Shape (Give It A Fluff If Needed). Then You Simply Put It Inside The Cover, Making Sure To Really Get The Ends Into The Corners, Zip It Up, And You're Good To Go!

    Are The Pillows Machine Washable?

    Both the pillows and the covers are machine washable. Place the pillow on a gentle cycle at 90 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), and then lightly tumble dry. As for the cover, machine-wash with similar colors at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), but do not tumble dry. Instead, iron them inside out on low heat or you can have them dry cleaned!

    What Is The Filling Made Of?

    The filling is of the finest quality Dacron to ensure it absorbs the weight of your forearms while giving just the right amount of push back for the perfect gaming experience.

    How It Works?

    Our gaming pillow has been designed to take the weight of your forearms, removing the pressure from your shoulders and preventing any strain in the neck from building up while you play, creating the most comfortable gaming experience while eliminating poor posture and its associated aches, such as neck, upper back and shoulder discomfort.

    How To Store The Pillow When I'm Not Using It?

    When you’re not using it, Clip and Store. When not using your Valari, simply fold it and clip it for seamless integration with your couch. Then when you need it again, just unclip and you’re ready to go.

    Does The Valari Come In Different Sizes?

    At present, our pillows are available in one size, designed to comfortably fit anyone from young teenagers and up. We're considering introducing a smaller children’s size in the future.