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"It's changed the way I game! Amazing product!"

The ultimate gaming pillow for comfort and improved posture

We heard you Europe, and we are coming! Launching on the 10th September 2023 across all of the EU the Valari is finally here!

Due to unprecedented demand stock is limited, so make sure you pre-order yours today!

Experience Comfort Like Never Before.

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Why Valari?

Without Valari

With Valari

Valari is for everyone

Console Gamer

Mobile Gamer

Laptop/Table Users


Your Comfort First

Elevated Gaming

Enhance your gaming experience with Valari's ergonomic design and unrivaled comfort. Dominate your game with optimal posture and support. Level up your gaming sessions!


All-Day Comfort

Experience all-day comfort with Valari's one-size-fits-all design. Its premium materials and innovative construction provide exceptional support, relieving pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders. Enjoy hours of pain-free gaming bliss.


Versatile Luxury

Valari offers versatile luxury for gaming and beyond. Its removable and machine washable covers ensure easy maintenance, while the one-size-fits-all design provides indulgent comfort for reading, relaxing, and lounging


6,234 Happy Customers

"Wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this, but it's much, much better than anything I could have thought up. It's so much bigger and comfier and has pretty much transformed my gaming/reading experience. Super fast delivery and way better than described. Thank you!"

Sheena S.

"If you are on the fence about buying one of these; don’t hesitate and buy one. I couldn’t believe how comfortable it is, particularly when gaming for hours. You won’t regret buying one."

Michael D.

"This is well worth the purchase! I use it at my desk and on my couch! I’m also 6’7 380lbs so there’s always a worry it won’t be big enough, but it’s a HUGE, FULL supportive pillow, grabbed the clip extender and it’s amazing. I LOVE IT!"

Reggie J.

"The Valari Pillow is such a phenomenal product and idea that has been brought to life! Talk about helping your wrists and arms while gaming. The covers make it even better when you can wash them and also add your own personal touch. Go get one or two, it’s a great gift!"

Jennifer P.

"I've been having problems with my joints as I get older and my gaming sessions left me with a sore back and shoulders and numb hands. I've tired using regular pillows but they never gave me the full support like this does. It takes the pressure of my arms and has made gaming more enjoyable again."

Breanna A.

"Love this pillow. My elbows no longer rest on the hard armrests of my chair, it's super comfortable. I even use this pillow sleeping or watching TV. Even my mom likes it, thinking about getting her one. Bonus: Amazing customer service too! If I could give more then 5 stars I would."

Michael D.

Removable covers

Hand made

100% money back guarantee

5 star rated

Now Shipping To The EU!

Best Value

Rare Valari


Ergonomic pillow for ultimate support (works with all covers)

Premium Dacron filling

Removable & machine washable covers

Plastic Clips

Lightweight & Portable

Twist & Clip for easy storage

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Most Popular

Legendary Valari


All the same features of the Rare

Premium suede like fabric


Metal Clips

Two-tone color combinations

Elaborate Embroidery Designs

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Fully Customizable

Epic Valari


Pick your top & bottom colors)

Pick your piping color

Pick the Valari logo color

Pick your own embroidery design

Add your name/gamertag

Coming 2024!

* Valari pillows are the same across all variants & covers are fully interchangeable

Comfortable & Versatile

Cozy Reading Companion

Dive into your favorite book with Valari's supportive embrace

Lounging & Chilling

Unwind and indulge in pure comfort with Valari for ultimate lounging pleasure.

Work From Home Support

Use it with your laptop or at your desk for a more comfortable working setup.

Comfy Crafting

Find your flow and create masterpieces with Valari's cozy support for crocheting & knitting.

Definitely NOT a nursing pillow!

Inspired by a nursing pillow, but enhanced to be the perfect companian for any gamer. Whether on console, mobile or handheld. Let the Valari take the pain out of the game.

The Ultimate Upgrade

Larger, thicker and more supportive. Valari's carefully crafted design takes the concept of a nursing pillow to new heights, providing exceptional support and comfort tailored specifically for gamers.

Targeted Support

Unlike traditional nursing pillows, Valari focuses on key areas such as the elbows, forearms and hands, optimizing your gaming posture and preventing discomfort during long gaming sessions.

Nothing But The Best

Crafted with premium materials, Valari combines durability with luxurious softness, ensuring lasting comfort and support for countless hours of gameplay.

Versatile Utility

While nursing pillows serve a specific purpose, Valari offers versatility beyond gaming – it's ideal for reading, using mobile devices, or simply lounging and relaxing in utmost comfort.

Adjustable & Secure Fit

Valari's new add-on adjustable straps ensure a secure fit to any size or shape body.

Stylish & Modern

Valari's sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup, elevating your gaming experience both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.


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