As the year 2020 unfolded, we found ourselves besieged in our lairs, fighting daily battles online against the myriad monsters and aliens at our doors. Battles would last for hours, sometimes days, and they took their toll on our ageing bodies. Shoulder and neck pain would go hand in hand with sessions of Destiny, Fifa, and Fortnite. As the year wore on and the encounters multiplied, a solution was desperately needed to end the inevitable aches and pains.

Then one day, eurika! A vision struck like a bolt from the heavens, and specs were etched in our minds. Thus, the workbenches were readied and a great weapon was forged. Using only the finest materials,  farmed from near and far, and woven by skilful elves, a first of its kind, hand crafted gaming pillow was born.

It came to be known as The Valari, a true legendary piece of gear that would change our lives forever. Suddenly the aches and pains were banished to the pre pillow days of yore.

It is then that our true quest began... to arm all gamers everywhere with this, the ultimate weapon of comfort. For once you have a Valari by your side, you will never do battle without it again.


Hilal, aka Hilber and Nadim, aka Zimzam101, are the creators of the Valari. Both are gamers to their core, having grown up playing video games since they were old enough to lift a controller.

Hilal is best known in his clan as the ad slayer supreme, annihilating everything in his path. His biggest weakness is skipping cut scenes.

Nadim is infamous for his susceptibility to jumping puzzles, but makes up for it with his motivational speeches and filling Hilal in on all the story he missed.

Both are founding members of their clan (People Like Onions).