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Game In Comfort With The Valari Pillow

The buckle on the back is nice as it allows for storage, many users actually wear the pillow and clip it in the back, I’m not small enough to try that but I was told by the folks over at The Valari that they’re working on developing adjustable straps for future pillows to allow users to wear them.

The Valari Gaming Pillow is a Must Have

It didn’t take long for me to figure out The Valari is in the market for producing excellent gaming pillows – so I had to give them a try. Safe to say, I made the right decision because not only is their gaming pillow reliable and air-free, but they’re made of high quality with a slew of customizable options.

Enjoy Gaming In Comfort With The Valari Gaming Pillow

Console or mobile gamer? Reader or smartphone scroller? Then you probably suffer from back stiffness and soreness. The Valari Gaming pillow provides your body the ultimate support it needs for better posture during your favorite activity.