Valari Epic Edition


Valari Epic Edition


Unveiling the Epic Valari Pillow - a game-changer in comfort and personalization. The first of its kind, this gaming pillow is engineered to counteract 'Gamer's Lean', easing back, neck, and shoulder strain. With the Epic Pillow, you're not just buying comfort, you're creating an extension of your gaming identity. Choose your top and bottom cover colors, select your piping and thread colors, pick from a variety of embroidery designs, and add your unique gamer tag - crafting a gaming accessory that's uniquely you. The striking two-tone color combinations, accompanied by the Valari logo, truly sets you apart, proclaiming that you've chosen nothing but the best.



The ultimate support for better posture while you do what you love most.


Choose from a variety of designs and color combinations for a fresh new look


The assembly of The Valari is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Take the pillow out of the vacuum bag and let it sit for an hour to take its shape (give it a fluff if needed). Then you simply put it inside the cover, making sure to really get the ends into the corners, zip it up, and you're good to go!

Both the pillows and the covers are machine washable. Place the pillow on a gentle cycle at 90 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), and then lightly tumble dry. As for the cover, machine-wash with similar colors at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), but do not tumble dry. Instead, iron them inside out on low heat or you can have them dry cleaned!

The filling is of the finest quality Dacron to ensure it absorbs the weight of your forearms while giving just the right amount of push back for the perfect gaming experience.

Our gaming pillow has been designed to take the weight of your forearms, removing the pressure from your shoulders and preventing any strain in the neck from building up while you play, creating the most comfortable gaming experience while eliminating poor posture and its associated aches and pains, such as neck, upper back and shoulder pain.

When you’re not using it, Clip and Store. When not using your Valari, simply fold it and clip it for seamless integration with your couch. Then when you need it again, just unclip and you’re ready to go.

At present, our pillows are available in one size, designed to comfortably fit anyone from young teenagers and up. We're considering introducing a smaller children’s size in the future.